by Ajarn Suwan Tang Chit Charoen

    basic acupressure and press the signal point in order to make the body work By adjusting the balance and correcting defects in signaling in different positions of the body, which focuses on treating the back area, which is the center of nerves that control all organs of the body. Send vitreous to the brain, treat migraines, Office syndrome, allergies, paralysis, paralysis, sciatic nerve and many others that cause the body to lose balance.

    Thai acupressure therapy It can treat every system in the body. Because all systems work together, brain system, nervous system, respiratory system, circulatory system. lymphatic system Digestive system, excretion, etc.

    Thai acupressure is an assessment, diagnosis, treatment. disease prevention Health promotion and health rejuvenation through treatment It has to be diagnosed, analyzed, and researched first. which is an operation How to treat by Thai acupressure? must be considered on a case by case basis and the treatment will be successful.

    Our body consists of parts that have always interacted with each other Each section has a different significance. It is a combination of medicine based on the functions of different organs. that interact By analyzing and researching the importance of how each organ works together. Before undergoing acupressure treatment

    Thai acupressure is a natural treatment method. reduce the use of chemicals to reduce the accumulation of toxins in the body Before going to the doctor, I want you to change your behavior yourself first.